Our Mission: To give children the opportunity to learn another language and experience its culture. Provide an introduction to language learning that is fun and encouraging, and support children embarking on a lifelong relationship with their second (or third) language.

Little Linguists Academy engages students through a curriculum that integrates culture and language. Our proprietary approach is designed to help children learn in an enjoyable environment and better retain their new language skills.

Little Linguists Academy employs only experienced instructors whose focus is on teaching their native language to young learners. Created by native speakers, scholars and field instructors, our curriculum incorporates cultural learning alongside language instruction to give children a sense of context that deepens the educational experience.

Parents can enroll their children in group or private lessons, summer camp and “No School” camps for year-round language learning.

For schools, we offer on-site instruction as part of the school day or as an extra-curricular enrichment offering. Our approach pairs the right instructor with the specific curricular needs, and we work with schools to create customized programs. More than 50 public and private schools in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have chosen Little Linguists Academy to provide foreign language education.

Although founded as a school for Mandarin Chinese, Little Linguists Academy now also offers instruction in a wide range of languages including Arabic, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

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"My daughter LOVED little linguists -- the energy level was great, Angel is wonderful, as well as her assistant teacherphoto in class -- I can't ask for a better first immersion into Chinese for my dd -- the only reason we stopped going was because we moved 🙁 There is structure to the "classes" but made very interesting for the pre-schooler (my daughter was 2ish when she went) the crafts, songs, and activities are all themed very well (Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.) and class length was just right-- I have previously tried other language schools as well but found that they were either too quick (not enough repetition, not enough word associations) or too far away for me to want to bother. My daughter used to run up the steps to get to her class and that says a lot!"

Tulsa, OK