Little Linguists Academy is the preferred provider of foreign language instruction to more than 50 public and private schools in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Educators choose our program for a variety of reasons:

  • Our customized approach serves the specific needs of the school and its students.
  • Our proprietary curriculum meets high standards of instruction and learning.
  • Our teachers are passionate, dedicated and experienced both with the language they teach but also in working with children.
  • We offer options to incorporate language instruction into the school day or as part of an extra­curricular program before school, during lunch or after school.

In School program

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language lessons in your daily curriculum

After School Program

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In School Program

Why Choose Little Linguists Academy?vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624

  • Build to Suit Approach

  • Proven Curriculum

  • Quality Primary and Substitute Teachers · Dedicated Leadership

  • Sole Focus on Language Teaching

Contact us now to schedule a meeting to begin customizing a program for your school. Little Linguists Academy is the preferred provider of foreign language programs to over 50 schools in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. We are passionate and dedicated to our core mission of teaching children to embrace the challenge of learning a new language. Whether you want to incorporate our Mandarin Chinese program into your full day curriculum or bring a Spanish program to you preschool/Day Care Center, we will work with you. 



After School Program

Our after school program is the fastest and easiest way to introduce a foreign language to your students.  We know it might be a long process to implement a foreign language into your regular curriculum.  We also know it might be difficult to come up with an extra budget for languages.  Why not start enriching your students' learning with a tuition based after school program?  We offer:


We highly recommended learning a foreign language two times a week.  Our research has shown that students who take language classes twice a week progress 3 times faster than their counterparts who take language class only once a week.  We also recommend a year long program to really benefit from the result of learning a language.

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